About Us

About Judi’s Cleaners

Judi’s Cleaners has been owned and operated by the Combs family since 1984, with the original store in Citrus Heights (Greenback Lane and Fair Oaks Boulevard). Our mission has always been to provide our customers with the Highest Quality, Most Courteous, and Most Reliable Drycleaning & Laundry Service available today. Today that mission is realized through the direction of company President, Ben Combs and the dedication of our employees and suppliers.

Our Employees

As a company we have one of the best employee retention rates in the industry. This record translates into the highest levels of reliability, consistency and quality for our customers. We use the best equipment and processes available for fine drycleaning and laundry. Our employees participate annually in on going training to maintain and sharpen their skills.

What Makes Us Unique

To meet the standards of our demanding clientele, we have designed a thorough quality assurance process described below. We would like to emphasize that Judi’s conducts repeated inspection of all garments to ensure the highest level of quality.

    • Thorough inspection prior to cleaning
    • Pre-spot treatment, if required
    • Unique OHhd© process applied
    • First post-cleaning inspection
    • Special post-cleaning treatment
    • Garments pressed to Judi’s Standards
    • Second re-inspection by garment finisher
    • Final garment re-inspection
    • Lint removal
    • Zipper lubrication
    • Re-pressing of garments if necessary
    • Garments assembled for bagging

Why We’re Different

First, our garments simply look, feel, and smell better and you will notice the difference. We use a system that is Organic but still kills germs and is odor free. It is a drycleaning process that makes whites whiter and bright colors brighter and it is odor free. All drycleaners must re-use the solvent over and over but at least we distill the entire batch every time. Most cleaners simply rely on filtration but you can’t filter out fatty acids, body oils, under arm deodorants, or blood. So, that “drycleaning” smell you get from the other cleaners is actually your neighbor’s fatty acids re-deposited on your garments. Through distillation, we purify the solvent for every load and we use filtration during each cycle.

Second, we don’t smash garments on a “mangle press” any more. We call this new method European Finishing. It utilizes steam and tension to remove wrinkles and it gives garments that new look because we don’t smash the fabric. There are no seam impressions, pocket impressions, button marks, or shine. It is the coolest thing I have ever seen because it makes most garments look new like they did before a drycleaner got a hold of them and smashed them between two pressing heads. So remember steam and tension is better for fabric than smash and steam.

Next, we perform minor repairs and alterations for free. Hem out, button re-attach, seam closed…all included in the price. And we look for these things in the final inspection of every garment.

We Care About The Environment

We are asked about Green Drycleaning all the time so here is a quick explanation of the Environmentally Friendly Cleaning we do at Judi’s Cleaners.

First, consumers tell us that they want their clothes clean and they don’t want to hurt the environment. To accomplish both of these goals it requires high standards, detailed procedures, choosing the right solution, and a commitment to the environment. We have accomplished this with our Organic Hydrocarbon Process with High Distillation or OHhd©. You see, to get something clean you have to get something dirty and in the case of drycleaning, simply submerging garments in an organic solution will suspend soils but also transfer bacteria from garment to garment. The real responsibility comes in the form of “How you clean the solution” and in our case we use constant distillation process.

At Judi’s Cleaners we feel it is absolutely required to remove these impurities, every batch. Anything short of this constant distillation system is not responsible because it transfers impurities to other garments, which is not good for the environment or other customers. This common practice of not distilling the solution will transfer fatty acids and other unpleasant substances between garments in subsequent loads and cause odor, dinginess, and even risk transferring bacteria.

The key to cleaning is not just removing soils and bacteria but with our OHhd© system we protect our customers with high distillation and the environment with our Organic Solution and Zero releases to the environment.

We also re-use hangers, re-cycle our plastic poly and have changed policy to reduce packaging. We have retrofitted and replaced equipment to reduce water consumption once used for cooling and our European Finishing equipment emits 90% less heat than conventional drycleaning finishing equipment reducing the need for energy robbing cooling systems in the production plant. No drycleaner in Sacramento is doing all these things to help protect the environment.

At Judi’s Cleaners “Green” means protecting the environment and our customers!