Route Service

Judi’s Free Route Services

This service is available to everyone within our designated route areas. Route customers enjoy the convenience of not having to make a special trip to the drycleaner ever again. There is no need to be home and your clothing is always returned with the invoice attached. Charges are billed directly to your credit card or receive a statement at the end of the month, it’s up to you!

Dryclean Delivery Pickup Route Driver

How It Works

  • Check the map below to see if you are within one of 4 designated route areas. If you are, then call (916) 745-4218 to sign-up or click the link below to schedule a pick-up today! Once you have signed up, simply place your bag on your designated hook location by 8am on your route day and a route driver will retrieve the bag, and deliver your clothing from the previous route day.  It’s that simple!

    • You are assigned a hook location at your home
    • You are issued 2 VIP nylon laundry bags
    • You are assigned a pick-up/delivery schedule
    • You are given Monthly billing statement or you
      are billed directly to your credit card
  • Sign Up Here

  • Or Sign-up by calling (916) 971-1127 and schedule your pick-up today!

Pick-Up and Delivery Area Maps

Delivery Note: Please have your bag out by 8:00 am to ensure a timely pick-up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Has anyone ever had their clothing stolen?

No… We have never had a case of a stolen bag or stolen returned clothing since we have been in Gold River (1993). However, we are insured should it ever be the case. We just don’t see other people’s clothing being on the hot list of the bad guys.

Where do I place this hook on my house?

Very simple… Together we choose a hook location that meets certain criteria. It’s very small and barely noticeable on your house. Some prefer through the side gate on the side of the house. Others have fairly secluded front entrances with good overhang to protect returned clothing in bad weather. Whatever the case, your route driver will help you select a location that meets all the criteria.

I'm never home. How do you get my clothes?

You place your VIP bag on your hook by 8 am on your route day and your driver checks your hook sometime during that day. The very next route day, those clothes are delivered on your hook with an invoice attached. The charges are directly applied to your credit card or billed once a month.

What if I have a problem with a garment?

Your route driver is your personal representative at Judi’s Cleaners. A phone call to him/her or a note in your bag will get you in touch with your route driver. We have found that dealing with the same person each time there is a question or concern allows a higher level of service and customer satisfaction

Which days are my route days?

Your route driver services your house twice a week, but is in your area every day. Check with your driver for delivery days.

Is there an extra charge for this service?

No… You pay the exact same price as if you were to bring your garments into the store. No delivery or any other additional charges are involved.

What if I need something sooner than three-days?

A simple phone call to your route driver will handle any special request. We don’t outsource our work to the lowest bidder; we own and operate our own plants so we can deliver back on the same day if needed. We have even performed one-hour turnarounds in extreme cases on the route.

Can I pay each time the driver delivers my clothes?

No… For efficiency, the route driver makes about 25 stops per hour. This gives us the ability to not charge extra for this service. You may send a check for the invoice delivered, but it isn’t necessary until you receive your monthly statement. Feel free to stop your route driver or call in advance for a special consultation about a problem or concern.

Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes… as a matter of fact, most of our route customers keep a credit card on file and pay their bill each delivery or once a month.

Can I get alterations or repairs done?

Yes, minor repairs are still done at no extra charge. All others will be done based on the request attached to the garment or instructions in the bag. To obtain a private fitting at your home, call your route driver to schedule an appointment with the tailor.