VIP Bag Service

VIP Bag Service is Fast and Convenient

Judi’s Cleaner’s VIP Bag Service provides our customers with added speed and convenience. It’s perfect for business people on their way to work or the busy mom on her way to pick-up the kids from school — and best of all it’s free!

“The VIP bag service from Judi’s turns this chore into the quickest stop I make. I toss the bag in the door and I’m off!”

Julie ChanLoomis, CA

It’s More Than a Bag

  • Each VIP Bag comes with your personalized name tag, bar code for quick scanning via computer that displays customer information, starch preference, and any other special instructions required to satisfy your dry cleaning needs. When you pickup your clean clothes, your VIP Bag is returned to you for continued use.


    • No piles of clothes sitting around the house
    • No waiting at the counter for a claim ticket
    • No need to leave your name and phone number
    • Simple, fast and convenient

At your request, we will give you a VIP bag or two to place your garments in throughout the week. When you drive up to Judi’s Cleaners, simply give the clothing bag to the clerk and state what day you would like your clothes to be ready for pickup. It’s that simple!

To participate in this free VIP service, call 1+916-786-9202 or the next time you’re at a Judi’s location, ask one of our friendly customer service representative about this service.