How It Works

Pickup & delivery dry cleaning — made easy. We’re good, we’re fast, & we’re reliable. Plus, we’ve been serving the Sacramento area since 1984. It’s about time you stopped making trips to the dry cleaners.


Talk To Our Team

We can create an account over the phone or answer any specific questions about our services that you may have. Talk to one our friendly staff members by calling (916) 242-0650.


Sign Up Online

Pickup & delivery is ALWAYS included at no extra charge. Once you’ve created an account, our team will be in touch to verify your information, and you can share any special instructions or cleaning preferences with them.


Schedule A Pick Up

Once you have an account, schedule a pick-up or simply respond to the reminder text we send the night before we’re in your area.


Bag Up Your Items

On your first pick up, you may place your bag at the pick-up spot you selected & we will deliver your items back to you in one of our sanitized VIP bags that you can then use on future orders.  Special instructions can be added on a note in your bag, or in the link we email.

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Clean, Dry, Deliver

We’ll go over any special instructions you’ve left us, & then clean, alter, repair or press each item. Your like-new items will be dropped back off to the location you’ve selected within 2 business days (or sooner if you request!) 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Free Pickup & Delivery