• Quality Assurance

    We’ve designed a multi step Quality Assurance Process that meets the standards of our demanding clientele.

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  • Our Environment

    Not only do we use an Organic cleaning process,  but we also re-use hangers and re-cycle our plastic poly.

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  • Cloud Services

    Judi’s has gone high-tech, combining route service with our mobile app and coming soon, neighborhood drop boxes.

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Judi’s Constant Distillation Process!

Unlike other dry cleaners, Judi’s uses it’s Organic Hydrocarbon Process with High Distillation (OHhd©). It keeps suspended soils from transferring bacteria from garment to garment.

  • 100,000 Trips Saved

    In 2013 we saved our customers more than 100,000 trips to the drycleaner. Learn more

  • Judi’s Services

    • European Finishing
    • Shirt Laundering & Drycleaning
    • Wedding Gown Cleaning & Preservation
    • Shoe Shines & Repairs
    • Tailoring & Alterations Service
    • Clean & Repair Handbags, UGG’s & More
  • What Clients Say

    “Judi’s Cleaners has come through for me so many times I know I can trust them, it’s worth that little bit extra.”

    Geoff GarrettRoseville, CA
  • Think of Us as Your Cloud Based Dry Cleaner

    Now we are everywhere you have to be!

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