Can I Wash Whites With Color Clothes?

At some point, there has been a time when you go to wash a basket full of clothes, and a white shirt gets tossed in. It is usually at this point that you ask yourself, “can I wash whites with colors?” “Will it really turn my shirts pink?” 

You may be tempted just to leave it mixed in and hope for the best, even though we have all heard that you should always separate your colored items from your white ones. But while this advice is well known, is it necessary? After all, doing laundry can be a daunting task without worrying about separating all your clothes every time. 

We are here to examine this common question and determine if it is okay to mix colored clothing with white. In this post, we will explore the best water temperature, how to sort your clothes properly, and which clothes you should never wash with bleach. 

Can I Wash Whites With Colors? 

So, can you wash whites with colors? While some people may think there is a definitive answer, the truth is a little more complicated than one may realize. Typically, it will not be a big issue if you accidentally throw an already washed-colored item into a white load. 

However, if you want to add more colors to your white wash, you should perform a colorfastness-to-bleach test. Testing your colored clothes to see if they are already bleach safe can help save you a lot of time. 

Knowing whether or not your clothing is bleach-safe allows you to mix the colors and whites confidently. When you have this information, you will not have to separate your items meticulously and do separate washes. 

How to Wash Whites With Colors

Now that you know the answer to “can I wash whites with colors?” you may be wondering how to wash whites with color. To wash white with colors and successfully clean your white clothing mixed in with your colors, you must keep a few tips in mind.

First, it will depend on the color of the garments you are washing. You should always treat clothing that contains both white and color as colored clothing. You should wash items with patterns with similar colors and never with bleach.

In addition to never bleaching items with patterns, you should never bleach certain materials. Particular fabrics should also never be in the same wash as it can potentially damage the integrity of the material.

Can I Wash New Clothes With Whites? 

Experts recommend that you should not wash new-colored items with white clothing unless you perform a color fastness-to-bleach test first. The reasoning is that newer clothing has more dye, making it easier to transfer to your whites.

You should also never add any white clothing to a colored wash. The more colored clothing you have in the mix increases the likelihood of one of the items bleeding onto a white item.

Even if the darker clothing has been through multiple washes, you should still avoid mixing in your whites. The reasoning is that older clothes still lose color each time they go through the wash.

Should I Wash Whites in Hot or Cold Water? 

The temperature at which you wash your clothes is also a factor when deciding if you should wash whites with colors. Generally, you should always wash white items in warm or hot water. 

The warmer the water is, the more likely it is to remove accumulated dirt and oils. This grime is responsible for making your white items look old and worn. When you use hot water, it allows the material to get as clean and vibrant as possible. 

You should also remember that many colored items drastically fade when washed in warm or hot water. If your colorful wash cannot handle the warm temperatures, leave them out of your white load. Washing dark items in cold water helps the dyes keep their original coloring longer. 

How to Properly Sort Clothes 

Knowing how to sort your clothes properly is a great way to ensure they remain their best. Although, it is not as simple as knowing if you can wash whites with colors. Sorting your clothes involves knowing the type of fabric and the type of dye.  

Experts suggest you should sort your clothes into three categories. Separating your laundry makes it simpler to adjust the water temperature, amount of detergent, softener, and bleach. The three categories you should consider sorting your clothes into are: 

  • Dark colors 
  • Mixed light colors 
  • Whites that can be bleached 

It is important to note that not all clothing will apply to only one of these categories. For example, clothing made from certain fabrics is not safe for bleaching, hot temperatures, or other laundry products. For example, it is not a good idea to bleach spandex or any dark colors such as black or navy blue. 

Benefits of Separating Fabrics 

Separating your fabrics can also help avoid shrinking and other damage to your clothes. For example, many people may not realize that combining heavy items such as jeans with lightweight linen or cotton shirts can harm the material. With too much mixing, eventually, your items will look old and tattered. 

So while it is essential to separate your dark colors from light, knowing the material is also important. For example, white items made of spandex should never be bleached. If you are unsure what an article of clothing consists of, check the label. 

Can You Wash Whites With Colors? 

Are you still wondering, “can you wash whites and colors together?” As we stated, there are many factors you need to consider when mixing your white laundry with your colors. Water temperature, type of fabric, and the colorfastness-to-bleach test are good places to start when washing white with colors.

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