How To Get Yellow Stains Out of Clothes That Have Been Stored

how to get yellow stains out of clothes that have been stored

Nobody enjoys opening a box or drawer full of old clothes only to find yellow stains tainting the outfits. Yellow stains drastically reduce a garment’s visual appeal, turning once-alluring apparel into shabby attire that doesn’t compliment your appearance. Fortunately, Judi’s Cleaners put together a guide to teach Sacramento residents how to get yellow stains out of clothes that have been stored.

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Continue reading to learn how to remove yellow-age stains from white linen and other clothing items.

What Causes Yellow Stains on Clothes?

Before you learn how to get yellow stains out of clothes that have been stored, you must understand what causes the stains.

Yellowing stains form on clothing for numerous reasons. Some develop due to excess detergent use, while others appear from oxidation. Below are a few causes of yellow stains on stored clothes.

how to get yellow stains out of clothes have been stored

Poor Rinsing

Rinsing eliminates dirt from clothing items after the detergent takes hold. However, inadequate rinsing can cause leftover detergent to form soap scum on the apparel, hindering its appearance. The soap scum decays and breaks down over time, leaving unsightly yellow stains on stored clothing.

Always ensure your washing machine rinses your clothes correctly to prevent yellow spots and blemishes on your outfits.

Excess Bleach

Although adding bleach to a laundry load is a fantastic way to eliminate stains on white clothing, using too much can have the opposite effect. Bleach is a powerful chemical that can decay apparel if overused. Using too much bleach will cause your outfits to yellow so always measure your bleach before adding it to your laundry to ensure optimal results.


Oxidation occurs when you store clothing without cleaning them properly. Sometimes deep stains hide within fibers and turn yellow when exposed to oxygen. Always ensure you thoroughly wash your outfits before storing them over summer or winter.

Inadequate Detergent Use

Not using enough detergent makes removing dirt, grime, and other pollutants near impossible. Detergent lifts stains and contaminants off clothing during the wash cycle, persevering their color and overall appearance. However, washing machines can’t eliminate stains if they don’t have enough detergent.

The leftover grime decomposes and creates yellowing over time, especially if you store the clothes for long periods. Always follow the detergent’s instructions to keep your clothes looking their best and prevent yellow spots from forming.

How To Remove Yellow Stains on White Clothes After Storage

Sometimes yellow stains develop on clothes seemingly out of nowhere. Fortunately, you can eliminate yellow stains from your favorite outfits with common household remedies. Below are some efficient ways to eradicate yellow stains from your wardrobe.

Water and Hydrogen Peroxide

Combining hydrogen peroxide with water is a fantastic way to remove stubborn stains. Mix 1/4th cup of hydrogen peroxide with a 1/4th cup of water and let your yellowing apparel soak for around 45 minutes. Once time expires, wash the outfit in cold water and hang it up to dry.

If the concoction doesn’t eliminate the stain, add 1/4th cup of baking soda to strengthen the solution. Once you add the baking soda, apply the mix to the stain and use a soft-bristled brush to rub it in. Let the garment sit for 30 minutes to an hour (depending on the stain’s severity) before throwing it in the washing machine.

If you perform the process correctly, the stain should disappear after the wash cycle.

Lemon Juice

When people think of DIY stain removal remedies, lemon juice rarely comes to mind. However, mixing lemon juice and warm water can restore your clothing without harsh chemicals or expensive store-bought solutions.

Mix a 1/4th cup of lemon juice with a gallon of hot water (the hotter the water, the better the results). Then submerge your tainted clothing into the solution for two or more hours. After that, hang the garment in the sun and let it dry.

Salt and Vinegar

Combining half a cup of salt with half a cup of white vinegar can also remove yellow stains from apparel. Once you mix the ingredients together, place your yellow-spotted clothes into the solution and stir them for 30 minutes or longer. After that, throw the clothes into your washing machine and clean them on a normal wash cycle.

Water and Vinegar

Mixing white vinegar with equal parts water can also remove yellow stains. Combine the two ingredients into a spray bottle and spray it on the blemish. Let the garment sit for one to two hours before washing it in cold water.

After washing the stained clothing, let it dry before assessing the results. If the concoction didn’t eliminate the stain, repeat the process until it vanishes.


Toothpaste has more uses than you might think. It’s the main ingredient in several DIY remedies, ranging from pimple care to easing burns. However, toothpaste is also highly effective at removing yellow stains from clothing.

Apply white toothpaste to the stain and use a brush to gently rub it over the affected region. Continue rubbing in the toothpaste until the yellowing subsides. After that, put the garment into the washing machine and run a cycle to reduce the blemish.

Always use white toothpaste to remove yellow stains from clothing. Colored toothpaste can worsen yellowing, further tainting the apparel.


Borax is a powerful chemical agent that helps eliminate clean clothes and other items. It’s often affordable and readily available at most department stores.

Combine one to two tablespoons of borax with two cups of water and mix thoroughly. Once the borax dissolves, add the mixture to your washing machine during the rinse cycle. Once the rinse cycle concludes, hang the garment outside to dry and eliminate the yellow stain.

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