How To Keep Your Clothes Smelling Like Fabric Softener

There is nothing better than the soothing aroma of freshly washed clothes. You always want the feeling and knowing how to make your clothes smell like a fresh laundry smell. The nice smell of fabric softener makes getting dressed every morning just a little more enjoyable. Plus, it’s so relaxing to spend an entire day washing, drying, and folding clothes. Indeed, laundry tops the list of America’s favorite cleaning tasks

But you know what isn’t so fun? Noticing your clean clothes don’t smell like fresh air after washing or having a musty smell. 

Sometimes, the fresh fabric softener smell can turn into an odd, slightly-foul odor that isn’t the most pleasant. Other times, you’ll notice your clothes don’t smell like clean clothes after they are completely dry. Now, you have to face the day while smelling like dirty clothes. 

Luckily, there is a secret to great smelling laundry and even more ways to prevent that weird smell from settling at all. 

1) Clear the Air with Baking Soda

Baking soda can absorb weird odors, and it is probably your grandmother’s secret to how to make laundry clothes smelling fresh.

Now it’s time to take a medium-sized bowl and fill it with a cup of powder. Then place the bowl on the floor of your closet and allow it to sit for a day or two.  Some people even take an entire box and store it in every household closet for a whole year.

Baking soda naturally absorbs odors of all kinds, so it will prevent the unwanted smells from sticking to your clothes.

2) Store Clothes with Dryer Sheets

How To Keep Your Clothes Smelling Like Fabric Softener

Another great way how to keep laundry smelling fresh is to use dryer sheets that already have that clean laundry scent, and they are another powerful secret for how to make fresh-smelling laundry and stay that way. 

Take a few of these sheets and place them on closet shelves, in drawers, and even in clothing pockets. It will keep the good smells nice. 

Another way to use this method and save a bit of money is to reuse a dryer sheet. Their fresh scent still has the fragrance after just one wash, so why toss them away? Take the sheet directly from the dryer and put it in your drawers right along with your clothes. 

3) Make Sure Your House Is Odor-free

Many foul odors that we randomly smell on our clothes come from inside the house. You could be thinking that this is absurd, especially if you use the best-smelling laundry detergent. While your house may not reek of unpleasant odors, every house has odors that will accumulate over time. Indeed, long-lasting odors can affect mood, anxiety, and stress levels.

The tricky part is that you usually can’t smell what your own house smells like because you spend so much time there. Your nose just becomes used to it. 

To avoid this, be sure to clean your home regularly and wipe down all surfaces. It will prevent whatever smells in your house from seeping into your clothing. 

4) Use Air Fresheners

When it comes to how to make your laundry smell good, air fresheners don’t always have to hang from the rearview mirror in your car. They can also keep your closet from smelling bad over time. 

It’s advisable to only use the freshener in closets where your clothes are hanging instead of putting them in drawers and pockets. The scents are typically powerful and need space to expand. 

It’s also vital to pick the right scent when purchasing your air freshener. You probably don’t want your clothes to have that “new car” smell, so make sure to search for cotton smells instead.  

5) Put Coffee Grounds in Your Closet

If you’re still wondering how to make my clothes smell good, then coffee is another fantastic odor absorber that you probably already have in your home. Don’t fill your coat pockets with coffee grounds just yet, though. 

Take a container, fill it with the grounds, then poke hills in the lid. This rig allows the coffee to absorb the foul odor without being a mess for you to clean up later. 

You should change the coffee grounds at least once a month for the best results. 

6) Use a Vinegar Spray 

Another decades-old method for having good scent clothes for a more extended period is to use white vinegar. That’s right, vinegar. The substance acts as a natural deodorizer and can take the unpleasant smell out of almost anything. 

Get a spray bottle and fill it halfway with vinegar and fill the other half with water. Spray just a small amount on a tester garment to see if your mixture is too strong or not. 

If there’s a noticeable color change where you sprayed, there’s too much vinegar. If the garment looks the same, then you’re good to go.

Now, when it comes to the bad smells that vinegar typically leaves in your nose, it won’t be a problem here. The smell will disappear from your clothes as the spray dries. 

7) Hang-Up Worn Clothes 

How To Keep Your Clothes Smelling Like Fabric Softener

Not all clothing items need to go in the washing machine after the first time you wear them. For certain fabrics, heavy clothing, and wet clothes that need dry cleaning, washing could become inconvenient and inexpensive. 

To keep the fresh smell on your clothes for longer, avoid tossing your clothes away on the ground. Don’t forget putting away your clothing is an excellent solution for how to get great-smelling laundry. 

Instead of leaving clothes in the washing machine or hamper and calling it a night, take the time to hang up each garment to make clothes smell good. It will allow the clothes to air out instead of holding the scents in one place. This extra step will make all the difference in how long your freshness lasts.

Keeping It Fresh

The smell of freshly-washed laundry doesn’t have to be short-lived. There are a few simple tips and tricks that can help stop you from stinky laundry. Try using vinegar, coffee grounds, dryer sheets, a clean laundry basket, so you can enjoy clean-smelling clothes for weeks to come. 

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