Roseville Wedding Dress Preservation And Restoration

 Cleaning And Saving Your Wedding Dress

Uphold Your Wedding Dress As New

Unlike your regular dry cleaning, which uses chemicals, our wedding dress preservation service begins with an experienced specialist’s assessment.

The specialist creates a treatment based on your dress’ fabric, stitching, and details. Wedding gown cleaning and preservation are the keys to making sure your dress lasts a lifetime.

Preserve your wedding gown from permanent fabric damage and oxidation spots. We are here to service your needs.

Properly Preserve Your Valued Dress​

Whether it’s for sentimental value or the possibility of passing it down to your future generation, let us preserve your wedding dress color, fabric, and shape. Call us to get started!

How It Works​

After our work, we offer free delivery of your dress, eliminating the need for you to make an extra trip.

Tell Us About Your Dress!​

Our exceptional customer service team is here to help with all of your wedding dress needs. Whether you have a question or just want to make an inquiry, we’ll make sure you’re taken care of.

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