Does Dry Cleaning Shrink Clothes?

Taking your favorite apparel to the dry cleaners is a great way to ensure they look their best for your next date night or big event. However, many Sacramento residents worry about their clothes shrinking and ask themselves, “Does dry cleaning shrink clothes? Can the cleaners make clothes bigger? What does dry cleaning mean?”

To answer these questions and more, Judi’s Cleaners developed a guide to teach you everything you need to know about dry cleaning and if the process shrinks clothes.

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What Is Dry Cleaning, and Can Dry Cleaning Shrink Clothes?

Dry cleaning is an efficient way to clean clothes, upholstery, and bedding and remove imperfections that hinder their allure. However, unlike a traditional washer, dry cleaning doesn’t use water to eliminate blemishes. Dry cleaners use a unique chemical solvent to rejuvenate apparel and preserve its appearance.

But does dry cleaning shrink clothes?

Although dry cleaning can shrink clothes, it’s very rare and less severe. The process reduces the chances of shrinkage and maintains the clothing’s size and durability. Dry cleaning is much gentler than other laundry methods and allows you to get more out of your clothes without depleting their color, texture, and overall quality.

Why Do Clothes Shrink?

Many people believe water is the main culprit of shrinking clothes. Although water plays a role in shrinkage, it isn’t the primary cause. So, what causes clothes to shrink?

Heat and agitation are the leading factors in shrinking clothes. Clothes shrink when their fibers tighten and contract, making the minuscule gaps close over time. Excess heat and the dryer’s constant churning accelerate the closure, turning a well-fitting shirt into tight, uncomfortable outerwear.

Dry cleaning curbs shrinkage by eliminating hot water and reducing warmth. Dry cleaners use several machines to control heat and prevent water from seeping into the solvent. It’s a more delicate washing process and gives cleaners more control over the elements.

However, sometimes these machines malfunction and result in shrunk clothing. For example, if the dry cleaning machine experiences a water leak, it can enter the solvent and increase the moisture levels, potentially shrinking the clothes.

Chillers (another dry cleaning machine) can also break down and increase the solvent temperature. If the solvent overheats, it can tighten the appeal’s fibers and make the items smaller. Always go to a trusted and experienced dry cleaner like Judi’s Cleaners to ensure an optimal wash and preserve your clothing.

Which Fabrics Are Most Likely to Shrink?

It’s important to note that some materials are more prone to shrinking than others. Natural fibers like wool and cotton are somewhat stretchable and often shrink in excess heat and after experiencing agitation. It’s best to wash cotton and wool in cold water and hang them to dry naturally to prevent shrinkage.

Synthetic materials like nylon and polyester are less susceptible to shrinking and can withstand agitation and warmth without issue. Although they might shrink slightly, it isn’t noticeable and won’t affect your comfort.

You can also purchase pre-shrunk items from specific stores. Many clothing manufacturers pre-shrink their appeal to make them more enticing to people worried about the item’s form altering over time. However, pre-shrunk items aren’t impervious to shrinking later on, so keep that in mind when purchasing them.

How to Prevent Shrinking

One of the most common questions professional laundry services receive is, “Why do my clothes shrink, and how can I prevent it?” Reading an apparel item’s label is an effective way to learn its washing requirements.

Most labels feature washing instructions and tell you their preferred water temperature and drying method. Some shirts and slacks can withstand hot water and traditional drying cycles without issue, while others need cold water and natural air drying.

Also, some outfits require dry cleaning and will tarnish or alter in traditional washers and dryers. These items feature a “dry cleaning only” tag to alert you of their washing requirements. Always read the clothing label before washing items to ensure you clean them correctly.

What to Do If Your Clothes Start Shrinking

Unfortunately, most clothes become beyond repair once they shrink unless you take them to a seamstress. However, if you notice your clothes shrinking after a wash cycle, consider taking your laundry to a professional dry cleaner.

Since professional dry cleaners don’t use water and minimize heat, they can diminish shrinkage and preserve your favorite apparel. Dry cleaning your clothes is one of the best ways to elongate their longevity and maintain their appearance, keeping your clothes in immaculate condition for years to come.

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