Benefits of Dry Cleaning

benefits of dry cleaning

With washing machines and dryers so readily available, most people prefer the convenience afforded by tossing their clothes into the nearest machine. After all, why dry clean when you can wash clothing at home? However, stubborn stains make your clothes look less than perfect.

Buttons still get lost in a dryer’s endless tumbling, and your clothes will still come out of the process with wrinkles. As a professional dry-cleaning service in Sacramento, CA, we wanted to remind you of the numerous benefits of dry cleaning.

Read on to discover why dry-cleaned clothes look and smell better than clothes washed in water.

Do Dry Cleaners Wash Your Clothes?

Do dry cleaners wash your clothes, or do they use a different process? Most dictionaries define washing as a cleansing process that uses water. So while the dry cleaning of clothes does cleanse the fabric, it doesn’t count as washing.

So, do dry cleaners wash clothes? Technically, they don’t.

When dry cleaning clothes, dry cleaners use a chemical liquid that acts as a solvent. It doesn’t require water or harsh detergents to work.

The process begins after you drop your clothes off at a dry cleaning service. During intake, the technician will tag each clothing article with a unique number. Then, the technician inspects your clothes for any rips, tears, or missing parts.

If you previously requested that they mend the damage, they’ll make a note of it. If not, they’ll note the damage as extant before cleaning begins. Next, they’ll pre-treat any stains before placing the clothes into the dry cleaning machine.

The machine gently churns your clothes while the cleaning solution loosens dirt and debris. Once the solvent drains, a round of fresh solvent finishes the job. A final inspection for stain remnants follows.

The cleaner will spot-treat the remaining stains before using steam to remove the wrinkles. Finally, they hang the clothes on a rack for pickup. 

Benefits of Dry Cleaning

Is dry cleaning better than washing? The answer is yes. Dry cleaning benefits include a deeper clean that causes less damage to the fabric.

Below, you’ll discover even more benefits of dry cleaning your clothes instead of throwing them in the washing machine. 

Clothing Protection and Restoration

By choosing a dry cleaning service, you’ll enjoy access to minor restorations and proactive protection for each article of clothing. Most dry cleaning services will sew loose buttons back onto pants and jackets. Some might even take small personal requests for alterations at an additional cost.

Stubborn Stain and Odor Removal

Dressers and closets often develop odors from moisture and dust. Sometimes, people will put their damp laundry away, leading to mold and mildew. These issues lead to smelly clothes, even after you wash them.

Additionally, most stain-removal products in retail stores don’t tackle the whole stain. Your favorite white shirt won’t look as crisp as before dark-roast coffee dribbled down the front. Fortunately, you can get rid of those stains and odors once and for all with professional dry cleaning services.

Does dry cleaning dry clothes? Since the process requires a chemical solvent, drying is unnecessary. Dry cleaning doesn’t require odor-causing moisture and eliminates old stains. 

benefits of dry cleaning

Professionals Handle Your Clothing

When you cycle your clothes in the washing machine, do you throw them in all at once? Do you separate them? Many people forget to double-check the washer’s settings to ensure their clothes receive adequate care.

Dry-cleaning professionals don’t make those mistakes. They treat each type of fabric with the individual care it needs to look its best. 

Storage Access

Certain pieces of keepsake clothing, like wedding dresses, tuxedos, three-piece suits, and prom dresses, take up too much space in your closet. Additionally, they often require a certain environment to maintain their integrity. Dust, sunlight, and moisture can damage and discolor them over time.

Many dry-cleaning facilities have safe storage options for such clothing articles. You can keep your favorite dress stored in an optimal environment while enjoying more closet space for the clothes you wear daily. Before the next occasion that calls for that designer business suit, you can pick it up in pristine condition along with your other dry clean clothes. 

Clean Large Items

Certain accents in your home require cleaning from time to time. Items like curtains, rugs, and comforters collect microscopic debris that decays and causes allergies. However, they don’t usually fit into the average washing machine.

In addition, they take hours to dry. You can forgo an awkward cleansing process and eliminate excess dirt by bringing these items to a dry cleaner. The professional process gently eliminates allergens and decaying organic material while making your home accents look as good as new. 

Pest Prevention

The thought of bugs making a meal of your clothes probably never crosses your mind, but once an infestation begins, you will struggle to keep it under control. Various pests can use your clothes as food and transportation, such as:

  • Moths
  • Ants
  • Bedbugs
  • Crickets
  • Silverfish

These creatures consume tiny droplets of sweat, dead skin cells, and other organic matter that collects on different fabrics. Dry cleaning services often implement pest-proofing solutions during the cleaning process. 

Perfect Professional Image

If you want to nail that interview or outshine others during that presentation, you need flawlessly cleaned clothes to create an immaculate image. First impressions matter in every professional setting. So, how can you know for certain that your clothes will represent your drive and professionalism?

Choose dry cleaning over machine washing. Dry-cleaning services ensure your clothes don’t have any wrinkles, odors, or stains. You can conveniently pick up your favorite suit just in time to make a great impression with the perfect professional image. 

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